Quality Assurance

Plan Homes Quality Assurance delivers you the exceptional home design experience free from any manufacturing and material defects.

Terms & conditions apply

  • Plan Homes Quality Assurance does not cover natural wear and tear or damage caused by rough handling or using the product/s beyond its intended use. Reading care instructions is strongly recommended to ensure longevity.
  • Natural wood characteristics such as variations in grain, color, mineral streaks and knots are not considered as defects.
  • Notify Plan Homes within 10 days of any defect first coming into notice, via phone or e-mail.
  • Plan Homes will honour its Quality Assurance only when the Quality Assurance time period has not expired, subject to the limitations set through Plan Homes Terms & Conditions.
  • The scope of Plan Homes Quality Assurance cannot be changed or broadened by any authorized representative of Plan Homes.
  • Plan Homes will honour its Quality Assurance only when
    • The product supplied and installed is properly maintained and used for normal domestic use.
    • The product is still owned by the original purchaser.
    • The product is still at its original installed position and location.
  • Plan Homes will honour its Quality Assurance only when
    • Any labour, installation or transportation costs or any responsibility for damage that Plan Homes considers as natural wear and tear of finishes and surfaces.
    • Any products used or installed in conjugation with Plan Homes kitchen/ wardrobe/ modular storage such as electrical & plumbing fixtures, countertops and appliances. Any use of Plan Homes cabinetry or component parts which are contrary to instructions furnished by Plan Homes will void this Quality Assurance.
    • Any cabinetry or component parts that Plan Homes considers to have been subject to alteration, modification, accident, abnormal use, extreme temperatures and continuous contact with water, high moisture levels or use of harsh and /or abrasive cleaning chemicals.
    • Normal incidental deterioration like nicks, cuts, scratches and abrasions which are resulting from normal use during the standard life of the product.
  • Plan Homes will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of defects due to material or workmanship of products not listed under claim terms listed.
  • Plan Homes reserves the right to alter specifications in keeping with its policy of continuous product evaluation and improvement.
  • Repair(s) and/or replacement(s) are subject to the current product offerings of styles and construction options within the Plan Homes product line, at the time of the claim. If a claim is filed after a Plan Homes product becomes obsolete or discontinued, Plan Homes will replace the affected component with a replacement component of a similar style based on availability at the time of the claim.
  • Any decision regarding repair of the said component (in part or whole) solely lies with the authorized Plan Homes representative. The decision will be made following an inspection by the representative whether to repair at site, or return product to the factory for refurbishing/ replacement.
  • Liability: Plan Homes will make all efforts to replace/ repair the said defect within a reasonable period of time. Plan Homes will not be liable for any direct/indirect loss to the user due to the defect or delay in providing the service, or any fault arising due to design, application or installation. In no event shall the liability of Plan Homes, under this warranty, exceed the purchase price of the product or its replacement.
  • The Quality Assurance is not renewed, in case the Plan Homes modular cabinets or components are replaced in part or whole during the said Quality Assurance period. The replaced parts will continue to be covered under our Quality Assurance only till the remainder of the period as indicated in its respective table. Barring components which carry a lifetime warranty, the warranty for any product under any circumstances will not exceed a period of 5 years (for modular wardrobes & storages) and 10 years (for kitchens) from the date of possession.
  • www.planhomes.in is a marketplace that facilitates buyers and sellers of goods and services to transact and is not the seller of any products and services.
  • All registered curated vendors with www.planhomes.in undergo an intensive 5-step quality and background check. The registered vendors are the providers of guarantees and warranties, if any, for products and services offered by them. www.planhomes.in only acts as a facilitator, for the benefit of its users and under no event can be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages and quality issues, whatsover.
  • All Invoices for the products & services catered by registered vendors with Plan Homes shall be done by them directly to customers, except design & handling fees.

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